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PATHLOGIX software provides for the use of preloaded text for gross descriptions, microscopic descriptions, diagnoses, comments, and addendums. A glossary with more than 800 diagnoses and microscopic descriptions is preloaded for easy editing and customization. The user may quickly add and edit descriptions using Microsoft Word techniques. Free text can be typed in or transcribed from dictation or voice recognition.

Patient Procedure History

The sophisticated procedure history feature searches the database of existing cases for a given patient’s prior biopsies. The results of the automatic search are visible on screen (and, if desired, on the printed report) without additional keystrokes. Procedure history for surgical pathology appears for cytology and vice versa.

Special Stains Tracking

Order additional slides such as special stains and deeper levels for a given case. A report of that day’s special stains order can be printed for the laboratory that prepares the slides. Pending additional slides receive special attention until they are received and read.


The PATHLOGIX histology system is fully integrated with the surgical pathology software. This significantly increases the speed and efficiency of both histology and pathology activities. Information is entered only once, even if the histology is done by an outside laboratory at a separate location.


Companion PATHLOGIX software is available that lets pathologists work from anywhere by Internet, that enables referring physicians to post information on new cases, and that enables referring physicians to look up, retrieve, and print past and current surgical pathology cases over the Internet.


PATHLOGIX billing software and service is available, and billing interfaces to other billing software are available or can be provided.


An emphasis on rapid entry in a flexible, comprehensive environment designed to generate the latest in compliance reports.

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